1:1 Leadership Coaching

Anne offers strengths-based leadership coaching for new, emerging and senior leaders.
Anne is passionate to empower individuals to lead with courage, confidence and authenticity.

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Team Development

Anne provides customised coaching and training programs based on various in-person & online options for the manager, their teams and the whole organisation.

Here are common problems Anne’s programs help to solve:

  • low engagement
  • low retention
  • ineffective communication 
  • lack of collaboration/silos
  • lack of trust
  • ineffective team leadership

Anne’s solutions incorporate a blended approach of learning, interactive exercises and assessments.

Anne helps organisations create a culture that focuses on people’s strengths, diversity and collaboration.

Anne’s work has shown that when people know, understand and use their strengths daily; they feel less stressed, are more productive and more confident. Working in your strengths also leads to higher engagement and more effective self-development.

Anne uses the CliftonStrengths assessment to support this work.

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Online and in-person options available.

Workshops & Masterclasses

Want something quick?

Anne offers the following bite-sized learning options for your next lunch and learn or team development event.

Online and in-person options available.

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  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Growth Mindset
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Lead with Strengths
  • Build your Resilience Support Kit
  • Impactful Communication
  • Develop Psychological Safety
  • Leading Change
  • Coaching as a Leader


Anne came recommended to me from a friend in another workplace. I liked how the strengths work frames things positively. I attended a free workshop which gave me a sense of Anne as a facilitator and how the strengths assessment operates and I knew that this would be a great process for the team to work through together.

The process as a whole was well thought through and was tailored to meet our needs. It was a journey we were all on together, and we now have common language to help us remember the work we did in the session, and that helps us to lift into a positive frame. We engaged Anne during the working from home restrictions of the COVID pandemic and it really helped us to find our focus and get into a groove as a team which had been really hard working remote from each other.

Anne is a breath of fresh air! She creates a really safe space for people to share their vulnerabilities, and helps guide the team into a positive space. Our team loved being seen as individuals with something special to offer. We’re a small organisation of ten people – and Anne helped us to identify, articulate and improve our unique strengths and how they all knit together.

Jo Curtin

CEO, Community Broadcasting Foundation

Before attending the masterclass I was often experiencing a lack of confidence. Through the class, I gained the understanding that other people feel the same way and it’s normal to feel this way, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic where our work landscapes have significantly shifted.

It’s the first virtual workshop I’ve attended where I feel like I had some clarity about resilience and EQ. The workshop gave me ideas for building my confidence and resilience during a time when we are all working remotely and we can’t work together face to face.

What stood out to me about the workshop was that it was highly interactive and it was also fun!

I feel like attending this virtual masterclass is an ideal way to spend an evening – professional and personal development combined with genuine connection with others.

Joanna Brooks

Senior Change Manager

I’ve had the pleasure working with Anne twice when she presented to the Association for Manufacturing Excellence network.

Anne was great to work with. She took the time to understand our member base so she could adapt her presentation accordingly. The feedback from our network was outstanding. Anne is an extremely knowledgeable, authentic speaker. She is passionate about the topic and connects well with the audience. Her practical experience combined with theoretical knowledge is relatable, engaging and inspiring.

We are looking forward to having her back to present again. Anne is a highly-skilled speaker who I would highly recommend to any business.

Laura Robertson

Business Manager, The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (Australia)