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The courageous leadership podcast to support emerging leaders and small business owners to gain the confidence to step up and lead with impact, authenticity and emotional intelligence.

I believe that we all have the power to drive change to create a world where we can celebrate our differences.

Through this podcast I want to reach more individuals and empower each and every one of you to believe in yourself and become courageous leaders.

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How to set boundaries as a leader

A boundary is a line and a clear indicator of what should not be crossed. To set boundaries as a leader means to set the expectations on what you can and cannot do within your role.

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How to manage emotions in the workplace

We all get emotional. We are human beings. We express emotion daily. There are times in our day to day where we can struggle with emotions. Where they can get the better of us. In these moments we can often say or do things we regret later. So, how can we manage emotions in the workplace to prevent conflict?

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