Empower emerging leaders and small business owners to build their courageous leadership brand.

I started this podcast to support emerging leaders and small business owners to gain the confidence to step up and lead with impact.

I believe that we all have the power to drive change to create a world where we can celebrate our differences.

This podcast will be my channel to reach more individuals and empower each and every one of you to believe in yourself and become courageous leaders.

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Resilience for leaders – The 7cs of Resilience

So 2020/2021, what a time. We had to deal with concerns about jobs or finances. We had to deal with lockdown and isolation, kids home from school childcare closed, and a lot of different challenges along the way. Resilience is the keyword in all this. Resilience for leaders and how the 7Cs of resilience can help you!

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Be your best self as a leader – the 4 steps to strengths-based leadership

Teams need great managers, now more than ever. But managing a team is challenging. Not only do managers (like you) have to ensure productivity and outcomes in a short time, but you also have to manage your team’s dynamic, engagements and motivation. The most important thing as a manager is to learn to utilise your own strengths to effectively manage your tasks, time, emotions and motivation. To build on a strength-based leadership model.

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What is it like to work with a strengths coach?

Do you ever wonder why some things come naturally to you? Or what about why you are drawn to certain things that energise you and make you forget time? And other tasks drag on forever, and you keep procrastinating and procrastinating. The answer lies in your strengths and strengths coach.

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