Lead like YOU! – 12-Week Leadership Coaching Program

This is my 12 week signature 1:1 Courageous Leaders Coaching Program.
You will become an authentic, vulnerable and confident leader who inspires not only yourself but also those around you. This coaching program will take you on an in-depth journey of self-discovery that gives you permission to be unapologetically you.

In six targeted modules, I’ll guide you through all the significant milestones and aha moments on your leadership journey. We will work on your self-leadership and identify Your Unique Leadership Identity. We will develop your Strengths to build confidence in any situation, and define strategies to grow your Emotional Intelligence.

Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching 

What if you dared to be different? To own who you are, quirks and all. What if being yourself was, in itself, your superpower? Strengths coaching introduces you to the incredible natural talents that are waiting to be unleashed so you can show up with confidence, trust your own abilities and dare to be courageous.

A strengths-based focus will empower you to realise your full potential.

Stepping into your strengths will help you improve your communication, build stronger relationships, influence others and achieve your goals.

Together we will bring more of YOU to

  • your leadership
  • your role
  • your business
  • your life
  • your relationships, or
  • your parenting

We will use the CliftonStrengths Assessment for our work together.

1:1 Coaching Options

The Resilient Leader Series

The powerful 2-step framework for managers and business owners who want to lead themselves and others with resilience and self-belief (especially in times of uncertainty).

This self-paced online programme will guide you through 4 modules to build practical strategies to foster a resilient mindset and environment for you and your team.

Online Programme


The strengths coaching session I had with Anne was such an eye opener for me. I was feeling a bit stuck, continually frustrated and unproductive and lacked any serious momentum. Anne really helped me understand why it’s so important that I use my core strengths as fuel to give me energy. Through specific examples in my life, she helped me understand how my key strengths work together and how I can tap into these both personally and professionally to feel more engaged, energised and ultimately more focused and productive in everything that I do.  I feel like I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of myself and how I work and even a better appreciation for the strengths of those around me.

There were so many light bulb moments throughout our session, and I feel like I now have more clarity and purpose because I understand what really drives who I am. The session encouraged me to see how my unique strengths are aligned with my highest purpose in life and who I’m here to be and what I’m here to achieve. I highly recommend working with Anne for a strengths coaching session.  You can’t quantify the power of mastering yourself. Jennifer Shellard

Managing Director , South Hive

Anne seeks to understand her client’s needs by actively listening to their story and fostering their strengths, she is extremely knowledgeable and is able to adapt her coaching style to suit many needs (this was evident in the masterclass sessions).

Her past experience with ‘Lean’ has been particularly helpful in my current role as she understands the methodology first hand and potential challenges around project work.

Furthermore, she is a great role-model of a successful woman embracing motherhood whilst leading and creating a positive impact in the workforce.

It has been a pleasure to work with Anne thus far and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to further their career, develop professionally or build confidence in their skill-set.’ Katya Daniel

Associate Director

Whilst I had a strengths report, I had no idea how to use it! I really wanted to define my purpose and my strengths to help guide my career path.

Anne walked me through each of my strengths highlighting how they materialised in everyday situations, how to nurture them, and use them to personalise my leadership style.

By reviewing my history, passions, strengths and desires we were able to draft a purpose. Anne showed me the path and provided tools to continue my journey of self-exploration.

The process was structured in a way that gave me confidence in Anne’s approach yet provided the flexibility to delve into areas which required further exploration.

I highly recommend getting in touch with Anne to help define your strengths and your style – if you’re in a new role, looking for a new job or just feeling a bit lost! Kelly Gurr

Senior Marketing Leader