Lead Like YOU!
Courageous Leadership

Lead Like YOU! The power to be yourself!

I believe in the power of uniqueness and the power to learn to trust yourself and be authentic.

Courageous Leaders embrace vulnerability, appreciate their unique strengths, celebrate diversity and take action outside their comfort zone. Leaders have to learn to lead themselves first before they become courageous leaders of others.

My programs are structured into two areas of courageous leadership: Self leadership and Leading Others.

I offer a variety of coaching programs, team workshops and masterclasses for individuals and teams.

Through the different building blocks, we walk through self-development activities to develop the Unique Leadership Identity, understand and invest in Strengths, build Emotional Intelligence and help each individual to learn to actualize their own potential.

I also offer training and masterclasses that develop the Courageous Leadership Toolbox to build all the skills to lead others confidently in any situation.

My Signature program Lead Like YOU! covers all elements of the Courageous-Leadership journey. Book the 12-week program or choose any of the areas you would like to develop for yourself, your team or organisation.


Unique Leadership Identity

Courageous leadership starts with understanding ourselves, who we are and what we stand for. I work with you or your team to uncover your/their unique leadership identity through identifying your/their leadership story, values, purpose, vision and mission.


Strength coaching is your key to unleash your full potential and to be at your best at work and everywhere else. Together we develop your unique sets of strengths and turn those into your superpowers to build confidence, resilience and excellence. Strengths-based development for teams creates a more positive dialogue, drives diversity, and it increases the team's overall engagement and performance. (Gallup)

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is critical to lead in today’s disruptive world. It helps individuals to manage emotions and behaviors and enables them to build effective relationships and communicate with impact. A well-developed EQ helps individuals to be more resilient and have better self-control. Together we will explore the ECR Assessment and create strategies to develop the 10 EQ competencies.


Courageous leaders know how important it is to invest in self-development, set goals and be persistent. Together with you/ your team, we will work on work-life balance, emotional energy and resistance to be well equipped for any upcoming challenges or goals.

Leading Others

Leadership Toolbox

Courageous leaders lead others with authenticity and use their leadership identity, strengths and EQ in every situation. Together we will work on key leadership skills to help you/ your team prepare and master the most common leadership challenges (performance management, difficult conversations, effective communication, etc)

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How to set boundaries as a leader

A boundary is a line and a clear indicator of what should not be crossed. To set boundaries as a leader means to set the expectations on what you can and cannot do within your role.

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How to manage emotions in the workplace

We all get emotional. We are human beings. We express emotion daily. There are times in our day to day where we can struggle with emotions. Where they can get the better of us. In these moments we can often say or do things we regret later. So, how can we manage emotions in the workplace to prevent conflict?

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