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courageous leadership coach


I’m Anne, a Leadership Coach, Lecturer and Speaker who works with individuals and organisations to become courageous leaders to inspire others and create impact. I believe that we all have the power to drive change to create a world, where we can celebrate our perfect imperfection in diversity. Courageous Leadership is about self-leadership, vulnerability, embracing our unique strengths, celebrating diversity and taking action outside our comfort zone. 

Throughout my 10 year career as an award winning Leader in the Engineering industry, I have learned first hand what it takes to be a courageous leader. Through my work, I equip individuals with the key leadership skills needed to build their courage, confidence and resilience, embrace vulnerability, learn impactful communication strategies and create space for open and trusted relationships and nurture the individual strengths of others.

As a certified CliftonStrengths, Emotional intelligence and NLP Coach, I offer a variety of programs including 1:1 Coaching, Group and Team Programs, Workshops and Masterclasses all around building your authentic leadership brand, setting up your leadership tool box and leading with strengths, courage and emotional intelligence. My programs are for Leaders who want to make a difference and are ready to step into their full potential. 

I believe that what makes you unique, makes you powerful.

Are you ready to Lead Like You?






Anne was the keynote speaker at one of our Victorian Women In Transport Mentoring Sessions and I couldn’t be happier with our choice!

Not only was she a pleasure to deal with but her presentation on ‘strengthening your leadership brand’ was so appropriate for the audience of younger female mentees as well as their more senior mentors.

It was a great balance of introducing theories and practical actions, and spot on in relation to how our ideas on leadership are changing.  Anne was both professional and down to earth and I’m looking forward to finding an opportunity to work with her again. Thanks Anne!

Bianca Nutt

Inclusion and Social Procurement Adviser , Industry Capability and Inclusion, Level Crossing Removal Project

Before attending the masterclass, I did not feel confident in communicating “up”. The masterclass has provided me with the clarity that developing EQ will support better communication. What surprised me the most was that in order to develop EQ, it is important to understand and articulate emotions. Improving my EQ will help to remove barriers to communication. Effective communication, particularity in difficult situations, is a key leadership attribute that I need to reach my full potential.  

What stood out to me was the importance of connection to a coach. It is important to find someone to work with who you can relate to.  It helps to build trust so you can open up faster and get down to business.  I felt instantly drawn to Anne through a shared experience and she quickly connected with me on the same level. 

Cassandra Budd

New Product Development and Commercialisation Manager

Before I started Anne’s coaching, I had difficulty articulating my strengths and how they help me do my work, and lacked confidence in being able to represent myself strongly in ways that would benefit my career trajectory.

Working with Anne, I saw strengths that I already knew I had laid out in front of me, and it was really easy to see how I could use my core strengths to shape the way I work and make decisions about my career.

I know this will have a really big impact for me in performance discussion and job interviews, but I think it will also benefit me when I am appraising my work myself – help me to go easier on myself but also to make decisions about how I should proceed with a project and what kind of people I want to collaborate with.

Anne is a friendly, engaging, supportive coach to work with and I really recommend working with her if you need some clarity and a confidence boost! 




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